Patricia Marie Fine Jewelry was founded in 2000 in Nashville, Tennessee by artist and craftsman, Patricia Thacker. Patricia's designs and her company, originally known as PATRICIA MATHEWS DESIGNS, quickly became a favorite of those in and around Nashville who appreciate truly original art expressed through the finest gemstones and 18k gold. While Patricia's offerings and devoted clientele have expanded well beyond those early years in Nashville, her dedication to classic style, exquisite gemstones, and impeccable gold work remain as the foundation of each of her lines.

After living in Southern California and New York, Patricia settled into her historic home in Nashville. "There is just something about the south that holds and inspires me: The dignity of the architecture, the changing of the seasons, the people and their loyalty to heritage" says Patricia. "I have spent over half my life here; it is home, and I believe that this is where I am meant to be."

Raised as the youngest of four girls, Patricia was always happy to be at her fathers side, building things and working with his tools. Trips with Dad to the hardware store were much anticipated. As a young adult, her childhood interests were refined as Patricia spent time as a fine jewelry buyer. During this time, Patricia studied countless artists, began to develop her unique style and came to understand the importance of a collection. The curiosity of her childhood transformed into creative drive. Whether it was sketching designs while at the park with her young boys, working at her bench, or taking classes to master her craft, Patricia worked tirelessly to express herself through her designs. That dedication can be seen clearly today in each piece designed and created by PATRICIA MARIE FINE JEWELRY.

Today, Patricia works collaboratively with her clients and a select group of highly skilled local artisans to translate her sketches into one of a kind works of art. Her individual attention to each client's needs and dedication to craftsmanship remain as the foundation of PATRICIA MARIE FINE JEWELRY. 

Patricia welcomes individual appointments at her studio in Nashville or you can find many of her pieces on this website. Patricia is also the exclusive fine jeweler to Blackberry Farm Luxury Hotel and Resort.